Have an 8th grader getting ready for high school? This is for you!

Is your 8th grader ready for high school?

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Seems like just yesterday we brought them home from the hospital. 

Now we're sending them to high school.

In a few short years, your son or daughter will be off on their own. You want them to have the skills they need to be successful–not just in school, but in life. 

So how do we make the most of these four years? How do we arm our children with the personal and academic skills they'll need to thrive in this world? 

We help them develop a plan to succeed.

When you download Laying the Foundations: 6 Essential Skills for Success, you are taking the first step to make the most of these last four years. You are committing to helping your teen be more responsible, more independent, more prepared. Who doesn't want that for their child?

Hi, I'm Aisha! I help parents get the best education for their kids.

After 15 years teaching and leading middle schools, I realized our schools were so rarely preparing our students for success in high school. 

Don't get me wrong, our students were academically capable, but when it came to the more personal characteristics like grit and resilience, stick-with-it and communication, nothing in the school curriculum directly taught those critical skills. I wondered what I could do about that. How could I help more kids be ready for high school for real?

In 2013, I started Crumbine Education Consulting to help parents get the best education for their children. I teach parents how to choose the right schools, partner with their child's teachers, and in this case how to support their teen's transition into full owners of their education. My ultimate goal is for every one of our children to be confident, happy, complete people. It's what I want my own children, and yours.

Ready to help your teen prepare for life-long success?